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January Elite Supply Drop

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Basic Supply Drop Items

DVD by Panteo Productions – MSRP $19.99

If you find yourself in a self0defense scenario it may very involve a vehicle.  Whether you are driving it, sitting in the passenger seat, or standing next to it, you need to know how to react and react quickly.  This video is a must have if you want to better understand how bullets interact with vehicles.

Long Sleeved Tee by Patriot Alliance – MSRP $32.00

The cornerstone of the Patriot Alliance brand is to INSPIRE PATRIOTISM in the lives of people across the country by creating patriotic inspired gear and apparel. A portion of our sales go toward giving back and supporting those serving our country, both at home and abroad. Those that serve are willing to give it all in order to protect the freedoms we've grown accustomed to; the least we can do is give back.

Drifter 6460K by CRKT – MSRP $39.99

The 6460K Drifter is an ideal pocket knife for everyday carry (EDC) with its good looks and slim design. It features a gray titanium nitride finished 8Cr14MoV stainless steel blade with a partially serrated edge. CRKT's Interframe handle features G-10 scales with a nested liner lock frame and a stainless pocket clip.


Basic Supply Drop Total Retail Value = $91.98


Advanced Supply Drop Item(s)

Defender Brown 50” PreciseFit Gun Belt Strap by Nexbelt – MSRP - $49.99 

Ratcheting belts for concealed carry holsters.  If you have a CCW permit this belt is perfect for your wardrobe.  Great for the casual or upscale look, this belt will easily holster your firearm.  Featured with a bullet tip, this high quality Brown leather with a light texture allows for the stiffness required for holstering your sidearm while still giving you the most comfortable fit.  The belt backing is made of water resistant PU for enhanced wear and sweat protection.  Belt strap width is 1 3/8”.

2nd Amendment Buckley by NexBelt – MSRP - $24.99 

The removable pewter buckle has a magnetic trigger for quick adjustments of 1/4" and is interchangeable with our other style of belts. Buckle has two set screws designed for a secure hold. Will fit any strap. Looks great with a pair of jeans or office slacks. Trigger rotates for quick release. Buckle size 1 11/16” x 2 13/16”.

Houston Brushed Buckle by Nexbelt – MSRP - $19.99 

Buckle has two set screws on the clasp for extra secure hold.  Great for the casual or upscale look. Buckle size 1 5/8” x 2 5/16”. PreciseFit™ ratchet buckle will fit 1 3/8" strap

Advanced Supply Drop Total Retail Cost -$186.95


ELITE Supply Drop Item(s)

Personal Firearm Training System by Targetize – MSRP - $149.00

Targetize - a lightweight live fire training sensor - helps beginners through advanced shooters hone their pistol technique and confidence. Instant analysis and corrective feedback is provided through the free Targetize App, allowing shooters to track and improve accuracy, stability and precision over time.



  • Professional Corrective Feedback
  • Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Stability, Precision and Accuracy
  • Track Daily and Monthly Scores
  • Follow your Improvements and Progress
  • Share Scores, Shots, Grouping via App


ELITE Supply Drop Total Retail Cost -$316.94