How does it all work? Never Enough Tactical How do the sub

How do the subscriptions work?

You currently have two boxes to choose from, Basic and Advanced.  

The Basic level Supply Drop box is going to contain your EDC, Survival and Tactical items.  This is a smaller box but still packs a lot of punch and something we KNOW you'll be excited to get in the mail each month.  

The Advanced level Supply Drop box will contain all the same items as the Basic but an additional $60-90 worth of quality items.  Some months it will be one item for that value and others it will be a few items.  We want to make sure to keep a good variety so, as always, you're getting your money's worth.

Our boxes are either One Time (just to give us a try) or the Subscribe and Save Option to get an additional 5% discount and a monthly delivery without having to revisit our site. The Subscribe and Save is cancel-able at any time by visiting your customer portal or sending us an email.

What's the box value?

A Basic Supply Drop typically is an MSRP of $70+ worth of good quality items whereas the Advacned Supply Drops are typically in excess of $160 MSRP. We are working hard to continue to build relationships with wholesale vendors and small family or veteran owned businesses.  We won't send you anything less than quality products at a good price.  You can leverage our buying power to get great gear at less than what you'd pay in the store an the best part is its a surprise EVERY MONTH!

How did the Supply Drops come about?

It's no surprise that subscription boxes are on the rise over the last several years. Vince signed up for a current tactical subscription box and paid pretty good money for it.  When it arrived we were shocked at the actual value and usability of the goods versus the subscription cost.  We felt consumers deserved higher quality items for their hard earned money and from those humble beginnings, the Supply Drop Subscription Boxes were born.  

Our goal is to partner with some of the best kept secrets in the industry to give you a chance to try their products!

Do you Offer Hero Discounts?

Yes, we offer HERO discounts for (active and retired) Fire, Military and Police at 10% off. We appreciate the risk these professions take to keep us all safe and feel offering a discount is the least we can do to give back.  When you sign up you'll get 5% off the subscribe and save option and get an additional 10% off your monthly payment for your HERO discount.  Please message us for details on how to get the code along with what your profession is.


How do the Supply Drops ship?

We ship the supply drops via FedEx Smart Post.  The month closes at midnight on the 15th for orders and we ship on or shortly before the 1st.  Tracking details will be emailed to you which will allow you to track the package status on

When will I get my order?

We take orders from, for example, from 3/16 - 4/15 for the May supply drop and then ship out the last week of April.  
To further illustrate how our order cycle works For the April box ship date we took orders between 2/16 - 3/15 and shipped it the last week of March. 
By taking all of our orders for the upcoming month in bulk we are able to use that buying power to purchase the best, high quality gear at the lowest prices. That way we transfer the savings into awesome deals for you. We will be shipping everyone's box on the exact same day. This helps preserve the surprise of what's inside plus as I said use the buying in bulk numbers to get the best gear for less. 
As for our "past months boxes" those ship right away because the inventory is already in stock.